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Angelic Courses, Holistic Therapy Courses & Workshops to Nurture the Soul 
Holistic Therapies to Soothe the Body & Mind

About Me

People call me Susanne Angel Lady because I am passionate about working with the angelic realms and magical crystals. I am a qualified Master Teacher / Trainer and an experienced Holistic Therapist. I love to empower others to connect with angels and ascended masters, for spiritual growth and healing.

My services can help you transform your life in the most perfect way for you~

  • Healing Therapy available in person or online via Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom.

  • Inspirational workshops to enhance your personal spiritual growth and nurture your soul.

  • Spiritual Courses to support you in setting up a career as a therapist or helping you shine your light as a facilitator for your own spiritual classes.

Services offered Online or In Person.


Experience You Can Trust

I offer various holistic therapies to gently and naturally restore health, harmony and well being to mind, body and soul. Available in person or online.

Courses available in person or online to teach you to expertly teach others, set up your business as a therapist or shine your light as a facilitator for your own spiritual classes.

Themed workshops and sessions containining a variety of information, activities and visualisations to gain insights and aid your spiritual growth.

Therapy Sessions and Training

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In my courses and workshops I teach about Angels, Ascension, the Golden Age of Atlantis, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Angelic Reiki and many other forms of Reiki, Crystals, the wonderful Unicorns and how to Transform your Life using the Spiritual Laws.


I believe that by working with the angelic realms, we enhance our lives in many ways and ultimately restore Heaven on Earth.

I am a Master teacher of

  • Angelic Reiki®

  • Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki

  • Soul Mate Reiki

  • Rose Reiki

  • 13 Crystal Skull Reiki

  • Womb Rites

  • Crystal Chakra Healing.

I look forward to sharing one of these beautiful courses with you and assisting you on your souls path

to help you to be the best version of yourself!

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Sarah McClymont

“I had a beautiful reiki experience with Susanne, I straight away felt her powerful energies working on me. I experienced many visions throughout the treatment and Susanne was able to explain what they all meant in more detail. I experienced many different energies such as angels and Egyptian gods who worked on my energies whilst offering guidance. Susanne is a true angel herself and I would definitely recommend her. She has so much knowledge as a teacher also and is a genuine bright light.”


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Tel: ​07396 387282

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