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Activating The 12 Chakra System


Course Content

  • Location and purpose of the 12 Chakras

  • The Archangels who oversee each chakra

  • Sound and Sacred Geometry of each chakra

  • Activation practice.

  • Cleansing and Clearing with sound and colour

  • Simple practices for home use

TIME: 10am to 4.30pm 



Energy Exchange: £60.00 

Light refreshments included. Please bring a packed lunch.


Booking in advance is essential 

Aid your personal and spiritual evolution as you integrate the energies of the 5th Dimension

About the 12 Chakras

During previous golden ages on the planet, humanity had a column of 12 main chakras that vibrated at the 5th dimensional frequency. As the level of consciousness dropped some of these chakras became blocked and closed down. 

As we are fast approaching a new golden age on the planet, NOW is the time to start working with the 12 chakras again. This will raise your frequency, raise the frequency of the planet and ultimately bring in and anchor the glorious new golden era. 

By consciously working with the 5th dimensional chakras, you will be helping to establish your chakra column at the 5th dimension and aiding your personal ascension journey.


As you continue to work with the 12 chakras you will find many benefits including a deeper connection to Source, enhanced spiritual gifts and feelings of unconditional love for the world. 

This workshop will give you the information and practices to enable you to continue working with the 12 chakras in your daily life. 


What Previous Participants Say

Attended for the first time at Spirit and Sole a course “working with 12 chakras” lead by Susanne. A warm welcome by everyone and felt comfortable with a small group of people.

Susanne’s wonderful way of teaching made it easier to learn and absorb information without the need to take notes.

As we practiced going through our newly learnt chakras, there was time for some fun activities. Those activities helped us to learn and remember more easily the order and location of the chakras.

There were plenty of breaks throughout the day. Would highly recommend attending any course with Susanne.


IMG_20230311_162530015 (1)_edited_edited.png
IMG_20230311_162530015 (1)_edited.jpg
Lovely positive day learning about the 12 chakras and taking part in fun and creative excerises. Susanne is a wonderful teacher and host who creates a relaxed and informative learning atmosphere with her vibrant personality!


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