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Communicating with Angels



  • The Psychic/Spiritual Gifts and Identifying your primary gift

  • What blocks messages

  • Clearing the 3rd Eye

  • Different ways of getting messages 

DATES: 14 May

TIME: 10am to 4.30pm

VENUE: Newcastle under Lyme


Energy Exchange: £65

Activate your spiritual gifts and learn how to communicate with your angels

About this workshop

Communicating with the angels can bring peace of mind, insights and inspiration, guidance and wisdom. 

In this workshop we will be looking at the different psychic and spiritual gifts~ seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing. We will work with the angel of the third eye chakra to clear our third eye to enable us to more clearly receive the messages from the angels. 

There will be a mix of information, guided meditations and fun activities as we explore methods of communicating with the angels and receiving their messages. 

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