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Working with Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls (1).png

Workshop Content

  • Learn about the history of the Original Atlantean Crystal Skulls

  • Attune your crystal skull with the Atlantean Skull Consciousness

  • Meditate with the Crystal Skulls

  • Experience a variety of ways of working with your crystal skull

DATE: 22 October 2023
TIME: 10am to 4.30pm 

VENUE: Pure Crystals @ Two Doors Studio, 
Alsager, Stoke on Trent


Energy Exchange: £111  
 includes a beautiful 7x5 cm crystal skull, pdf of information and light refreshments. 

Please bring a packed lunch.

A deposit of £55 is required to confirm your place. 
In the event that you are unable to attend, your deposit will be refunded if your place can be filled. 


Connect with the wisdom of the Crystal Skull Consciousness

About Crystal Skulls

The original crystal skulls were created in Atlantis to store sacred wisdom and information. At the fall of Atlantis, they were taken to secret locations around the world, hidden from humanity until the consciousness of the planet was high enough for the wisdom to be revealed.  Once all the crystal skulls have revealed themselves, the information that they hold will enable the planet to fully ascend.

In modern times crystal skulls have fascinated us ever since the discovery of the Skull of Love by Anna Mitchell Hedges in the 1920s. Some feel that this is one of the original Atlantean Skulls.


When you become a keeper or guardian of a crystal skull, you are able to create a connection with the crystal skull consciousness of Atlantis and access some of that wisdom, along with healing and other benefits.

In this workshop you will receive a beautiful crystal skull and will attune it to the Crystal Skull Consciousness. 
The day will include a variety of ways of working with the skulls, with their permission. 

Early booking is advised as spaces are limited.


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