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Introducing Golden Atlantis

Golden Atlantis (1).png

Workshop Content

  • Learn some of the background history of Golden Atlantis

  • Connect with the Mighty High Priests and Priestesses

  • Visit the Healing Temples of Atlantis in meditation

  • Connect with your Angel of Atlantis to discover your soul gifts

  • Practice psychic gifts from Atlantis

DATE: 20 May 2023
TIME: 10am to 4.30pm 

VENUE: Newcastle under Lyme


Energy Exchange: Attend for a Voluntary Donation.  
As a guide this workshop would normally be £60. 
The minimum suggested donation is £10 to ensure that basic costs of the workshop are covered. 

Light refreshments included. Please bring a packed lunch.


Discover the joy and bliss of the last 5th dimensional era ~and how it can act as a template for our future

About Golden Atlantis

Golden Atlantis was the last time that the planet and humanity held a 5th dimensional frequency for an amazing 1500 years. By exploring the connections to this era we can access insights, skills and talents that can assist us in anchoring the New Golden Age on the planet. 

In the Golden era of Atlantis, we lived in peace and harmony, offering unconditional love and respect to all life forms on the planet. We worked in co operation with nature, the elemental beings, crystals and animals. We possessed all the psychic abilities and many spiritual gifts which we used to co create this wonderful time. 


During this workshop we will explore a variety of facets of the Golden Age and bring the knowledge that is deep within us to the surface. 

The day will include information, activities, meditation and lots of joy and fun. 


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