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Healing and Opening the Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra.png


  • Work with the Archangels and Masters who look after your heart chakra

  • Heal and remove blocks and walls from your heart chakra

  • Open your heart chakra to allow more love to flow 

  • Take part in a releasing ceremony

DATE: 11 June 2023
TIME: 10am to 4.30pm

VENUE: Newcastle under Lyme


Energy Exchange: £65.00

Your Heart Chakra plays a vital role in creating the new golden age

About this workshop

It is vital that we have an open heart chakra as we move ever closer to the new golden age and anchoring the 5th Dimensional energies on the planet. 

Many of us have felt the need to protect our hearts as we have been hurt so many times, in different ways. This can have been happening since childhood so our protection can be so thick, deep and strong that it is not possible to fully open our heart chakra. If we cannot open our heart chakra, we cannot radiate the unconditional love, compassion and empathy that is an integral part of the 5th Dimensional frequencies.

During the day we will look at where the protective blocks came from and then gently dissolve them with the Archangels and Masters associated with the heart chakra. 


We will perform a forgiveness and releasing ceremony. 

We will then take part in a meditation to open the heart chakra and activate it to the 5th Dimensional frequencies.

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