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Manifesting Abundance


Workshop Content

  • Look at your beliefs on abundance

  • Clear blocks to receiving

  • Visit the Archangel of Abundance to receive your 5th Dimensional Abundance Template

  • Learn the Keys to Manifesting your dreams

  • Create a Huna Prayer

DATE: 15 April 2023
TIME: 10am to 4.30pm 

VENUE: Newcastle under Lyme


Energy Exchange: Voluntary Donation. 
Suggested minimum is £10. to ensure that basic hosting costs are covered. 
As a guide this workshop would normally be £65.00

Drinks included. Please bring a packed lunch.


Work on creating abundance in all areas of your life as you receive your 5th Dimensional Abundance template

About this workshop

This is an "Attend for a Voluntary Donation" workshop.

As we move into the 5th dimension, abundance is our birthright and it also becomes our responsibility to manifest our reality. 

During the day we will work with the angels and masters to uncover and clear any blocks to receiving abundance.

We will then receive our fifth dimensional abundance and prosperity template and create a Huna Prayer, said to be one of the most powerful manifestation tools known.

Booking in advance is advisable as spaces are limited.

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