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5 Reasons To Get To Know Your Guardian Angel

Updated: May 15, 2023

Your Guardian Angel is the most important angel for you to start working with as they can do so much for you. They are your link to the entire Angelic Realms.

They are the angel that knows you at a deep soul level as they have been with you since your first incarnation on the planet. Connecting to your Guardian Angel can bring you many blessings, including a great sense of peace, unconditional love and guidance. Here are five reasons why you may wish to connect to your Guardian Angel today to start building that loving relationship:

1. Protection - Your Guardian Angel is always with you, offering to protect and keep you safe. You may not see or feel their presence, but they are always there, watching over you. However remember, you have to ask for their help as they cannot step in unless you ask.You can do this quite simply at the start of every day by saying,

"Guardian Angel, please be with me today. Protect me all through my day wherever I may be, thank you"

As they know all your traits and foibles they will be on the look out and may even prompt you to make decisions that avoid the need for protection!

2. Guidance - Your Guardian Angel can help you navigate the challenges of life. They can offer insights and guidance to help you make decisions, whether small or large. They will leave signs and create synchronicities to let you know that you are on the right path. They may whisper loving messages in your ear. You may be aware of their gentle nudges that help you to keep going in the right direction. However, remember to ask for this guidance and then watch for the signs. But most importantly, remember that your Guardian Angel is NOT a fortune teller. They will only ever offer guidance for your highest good and they are always focusing on your highest potential.

3. Comfort - Whether you feel lost, alone, sad or unsure, your Guardian Angel can offer comfort and reassurance. They are an endless and untiring source of unconditional love and support and can help you feel more at peace during difficult times. You can call on them at any time and they are always there for you. Just imagine having them wrap you lovingly in their wings.

4. Wisdom - Your Guardian Angel has access to infinite wisdom and can offer insights on anything from personal relationships to your life's purpose. They see the bigger picture and see things from a higher perspective. By connecting with your Angel, you can tap into this wisdom and gain clarity on anything that is important to you. However, as with any guidance, they will be focusing on the highest potential outcome and they will not tell your fortune.

5. Miracles - Finally, when you connect with your Guardian Angel, you open yourself up to experiencing miracles. They can help you manifest your dreams, desires and wishes that are for the highest good of all. These miracles may seem large or impossible to us on a human level, however, your Guardian Angel can tap into infinite resources. This means that your Guardian Angel and their divine energy can bring infinite blessings into your life. However, one of my favourite examples of miracles performed by the angels is when they work together with the Guardian Angel of a friend or loved one that we are having an issue with. As these angels work together, they help us to find the perfect solution to our issues, heal our hurts and restore harmony and love to the relationship.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to connect with your Guardian Angel. Whether you're seeking guidance, protection, comfort, or miracles, your Angel is always with you, ready to offer their support and guidance. However, you must remember to ask for the help that you require, as under Spiritual Law, the angels cannot give any assistance that is not asked for. Take some time today to connect with your Guardian Angel and experience the love, peace and wisdom they offer. They are waiting to connect with you.

If you would like to learn more about how to work with Angels, check out my online course, "Angel Academy" a series of 6 sessions covering a wide variety of ways of working with the angelic realms.

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