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Chakra Balancing With Crystals

Updated: May 11, 2023


Our chakras are like an energy pump. When our chakras are in balance the energy flows smoothly and freely and we experience good health and wellbeing on all levels, physical, mental emotional and spiritual. If they are blocked or unbalanced, the energy flow will be sluggish, erratic, a flood or a trickle! We will feel unhealthy, dissatisfied with life. To find out more about our chakras take a look at my previous blog post.

A crystal of the correct type placed on the chakra will “remind” the chakra of the correct frequency for balance and gently remove blockages, so restoring the feeling of wellbeing and correcting the frequency of the chakra.

There are a myriad of crystals to choose from, each with their own unique qualities, so selecting which crystal to use for each chakra may seem a daunting task.

Here is my suggestions for a crystal to balance each of the seven main chakras along with a brief description of some of the properties of the crystal. The crystals I have chosen are all widely available crystals.

Please note that if you have a physical condition, you should always consult a medical Doctor. The information and therapies I provide is not intended to replace conventional medical treatments.

Root or Base Chakra~ Red Jasper

This brick red crystal works to align all the chakras, aids in grounding and new beginnings. A good general “all round” tonic for the physical body giving a boost to energy when needed. On a mental and emotional level it gives determination to see a project through to its conclusion. A protective stone.

Sacral Chakra~ Carnelian

A beautiful orange crystal to aid creativity in all its forms~ it will assist those in the creative arts and those who wish to improve their fertility. It is also a crystal to assist with low back pain and other painful problems. On a mental and emotional level, this crystal helps us to deal with our negative emotions, such as anger, and sheds light on the link between the emotions and a physical issue.

Solar Plexus Chakra~ Citrine

This golden glassy crystal is known as the abundance or money stone, this crystal will help to attract abundance for you. Works with the stomach, liver, pancreas balancing the organs of digestion. On a mental and emotional level it imparts feelings of self confidence and self wo

rth. Heart Chakra~ Aventurine This pale green crystal helps to calm and heal our emotions. It protects the heart on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Detoxifying and de stressing, good for blood pressure, the thymus gland and the lungs. It protects against geopathic and electromagnetic energies.

Throat Chakra~ Blue Lace Agate A pale blue crystal that is gentle and calming. This is a crystal that aids us to speak our truth with compassion. Aids all types of communication. Helps with stammering. Brings peace of mind. Helps with issues related to the thyroid and throat.

Brow Chakra~ Sodalite This dark blue stone is a great crystal to clear the mind of confusion and aid meditation. Helps to bring ideas into reality. Good for insomnia. Protective crystal for those sensitive to electromagnetic energies.

Crown Chakra~ Amethyst This beautiful violet/purple crystal is an all time favourite. It is a purifying and protective crystal. It helps us to release on many levels. Works to ease addictive behaviours such as alcoholism and OCD. Calms emotions such as anger. Boosts self esteem, aids decision making. Good for headaches and insomnia. Heals emotions.

REMEMBER: All crystals should be cleansed in a suitable manner before and after using them for healing.

To experience a full crystal chakra healing treatment that is tailored to your needs, or to train as a Crystal Chakra Healing practitioner, please contact me.

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