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Rose Reiki Attunement
via Zoom

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Course Content

  • Attunement to Rose Reiki via live Zoom call

  • Explanation of creating a sacred healing space

  • Guidance in using the healing

  • Give and receive a distance healing

  • Other uses of Rose Reiki

  • Guidance in running your own classes

  • How to attune others

  • The originators manual as a pdf

  • Comprehensive companion manual by Susanne

  • Certificate of attunement on completion of case studies

NOTE: This is a one level system. You are empowered to pass this attunement to others after taking the class. 

DATE: 19 November 2023
TIME: 3pm to 6pm 

VENUE: Live on Zoom 


Energy Exchange: £88.0

Includes originators manual plus a companion manual, recording of the class and additional audio tracks to refer to. 
Certificate, if required, on completion of case studies.

Enhance Self Love, Self Worth and Self Belief

About Rose Reiki

This beautiful Reiki energy embodies the Divine Feminine Ray of the Rose. It is held and overlit by the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Divine Feminine Archetype as embodied by 

  • Mother Mary 

  • Mary Magdalene 

  • Quan Yin 

  • Aphrodite 

  • Isis.


This Reiki is especially useful whenever a boost of self love, self esteem, self worth and rose radiance is needed. It helps to remind the recipient of their inner beauty. 

The delicate Rose energy is wonderful for womb radiance and womb blessings - basically for everything feminine when the Divine Feminine ray is needed in the purest of forms. However it is not exclusively for females. Gentlemen may also be attuned into Rose Reiki and can also benefit tremendously from receiving the healing.

The Rose Reiki carries the beauty of the delicate Rose fragrance, you may be aware of this as you receive your attunement. 


Benefits of Rose Reiki:

  • A powerful self healing tool

  • Improves feelings of self love, self worth and self esteem

  • Aids with issues related to the womb

  • Can be used wherever more feminine energy is needed

  • A wonderful self healing tool to have 

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