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Chakras, What They Are and Their Importance For Health and Well Being

Updated: May 11, 2023

Welcome to my very first blog post! Chakras play such an important part in our physical health and well being and our spiritual health too, so I chose to write about them for this first post.

The simple answer to the question , “what are chakras?” is, Chakras are the energy centres of the body that link the energies we experience in the world around us with our physical body. They are how the energies enter and flow through our body. The word “Chakra” translates as wheel or disc, however they are not flat, 2 dimensional structures. They extend out from the body into the aura. They can be likened to pumps or valves that connect the emotions we feel, the situations that we experience and the feeling evoked by the words that we hear, with our physical body. Most of us have experienced hearing some bad news and feeling sick or a knot form in our stomach, being at a live event and getting carried along by the energies of the crowd, or someone telling us their exciting news and feeling their happiness and excitement. The energy of those words and situations, came into our body via the chakra system and the other person’s feelings also transmitted to our body by the chakras.

There are many chakras located throughout the body. The chakras that we normally focus on when doing healing work are the main seven chakras which link to the central energy channel of the body that runs in a line which correlates to the physical spine. The traditional seven chakra system has been known for hundreds of years. It was first referred to in the Hindu religion.

These seven main chakras that form the chakra column are: THE CROWN CHAKRA Located on the top of the head and often seen as violet in colour. It is associated with our spiritual awakening, and health issues related to our brain, head, mind.

THE BROW CHAKRA (Third Eye) Located in the middle of our forehead, above our nose. It is often seen as a deep inky indigo blue colour. The brow chakra is linked to our psychic senses, particularly clairvoyance, clear seeing. It is also linked to physical problems with the eyes and head.

THE THROAT CHAKRA The location of the throat chakra is the throat area. It is often seen as a turquoise blue colour. The throat chakra is linked with how we express ourselves in the world and our physical voice.

THE HEART CHAKRA The location for the heart chakra is in the centre of the chest, at the level of the physical heart. The colour of the heart chakra is often seen as green although some say it is pink. The heart chakra is linked to our emotions such as love, grief, sadness, joy. On the physical level, it is linked to problems with the heart, lungs and chest.

THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The location for the solar plexus chakra is at the bottom of the ribcage in the centre of the body. The colour of the solar plexus chakra is bright yellow. This chakra is linked to our feelings of self worth and self confidence. It is also how we get our “gut instinct.” The solar plexus is linked to our, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas and digestion on the physical level.

THE SACRAL CHAKRA The location of the sacral chakra is the middle of the belly, about one hands width below the navel. The sacral chakra is seen as bright orange. It is the chakra that affects our creativity, whether that is sexual (creating life) or being a creative artist, author, chef, musician etc. Physically, the sacral chakra is linked with our sex organs and glands.

THE BASE CHAKRA (ROOT) The location of the base chakra is the base of the spine or perineum. The colour is seen as red. The base chakra is linked with feelings of safety, our fears surrounding our basic survival needs. On the physical level it is associated with the lower digestive tract, bowels and the legs.

Each of the seven chakras located within the body has a link to the mental and emotional body as well as physical parts of the body. For this reason, if we do not address our emotions, we can end up suffering from a physical illness. This is why it is so important to deal with emotions as they arise!

Chakras are seen as energy vortexes or spinning discs of energy. When they are out of balance they will not be spinning in a healthy way. They may be moving very slowly, or extremely fast, they may appear to have the “clunky” motion of a flat tyre or they may even be so blocked with unresolved emotions. feelings or traumas, that they appear completely motionless.

If one chakra is out of balance, this can have an affect on the chakras on either side of it, as the energy flow along the central channel will be disrupted.

It is easy to recognise if your chakras are out of balance as you will start to feel that something is not “right” although you may not be able to explain exactly what is wrong. Here are some of the things that may indicate that there is an imbalance in one or more of your chakras:

  • Tired for no reason

  • Lack of energy

  • Lack of interest in anything

  • Generally dissatisfied with life

  • Depression

  • Focussed on fear and lack

  • Lack of confidence

Balancing the chakras can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle, getting adequate sleep, exercise, good food etc. However when we are in a depleted state we often need a little more support and the assistance of a therapist to remove the energy blockage and then restoring the energy of the chakra to its correct frequency for optimum health.

Many healing modalities can be used to balance the chakras including Crystal Chakra Healing as there are crystals that vibrate at the correct frequency for each of the chakras. Angelic Reiki can also be very beneficial as there are Archangels who oversee the evolution of each of the chakras. The healing angels that I connect with during an Angelic Reiki session often pinpoint the root cause of a problem within the chakras and I can then call in the appropriate Archangel to work on the chakra.

Finally, I would add that this is just an introduction to the chakras. I am sure you have noticed that the world is changing, so it will come as no surprise that our chakras are changing too! As the vibration of the planet and humanity has risen, we all now have to potential to activate our twelve chakra system. Four of these additional chakras are located outside the body and are known as transpersonal chakras. These link very much with our spiritual essence and activating these chakras is essential for our spiritual growth and ascension.

I will write about the 12 Chakras soon. If you can’t wait til then, you can contact me now for an individual 12 chakra activation session.

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