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Introducing Access Consciousness Bars

Girl with arms open facing the sea. asking what else is possible. Access Bars Practitioner Logo
Girl with arms open asking "What else is possible" one of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is a transformational modality focused on personal development which is achieved by employing a variety of pragmatic tools, such as the clearing statement, and energy healing. The founders of Access Consciousness are Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.

There are many different energy healing processes in Access Consciousness, one of which is the Bars. The Bars are 32 points on the head. The 32 Bars store all our beliefs, ideas, judgements, conclusions, emotions, thoughts, ideas on a given topic~ this topic gives that particular Bar its name.

By holding the points with a light pressure, blockages created by these limiting beliefs, conclusions, judgements, emotions, ideas etc are released thus enabling the receiver to see what greater possibilities exist and expand their awareness and their consciousness to include all possibilities.

The Bars are named after each topic, for example, Money, Control, Creativity, Healing, Joy, Sadness, Body, Sexuality, Aging, Kindness, Gratitude, Peace, Calm, Manifestation.

The chart below shows the location of the Bars.

Chart showing the Access Bars points on the head
Access Bars Head Chart

Other Access pragmatic tools include the following questions which can be asked during a session or at any time they come to your awareness. These questions are asked to the consciousness of you, however you perceive that. The questioner then remains open for insights and possibilities to be revealed. They do not need to know, get or perceive the answer, simply asking and following the energy flow is all that is required.

1. How does it get any better than this? (HDIGABTT) This can be asked of any situation during the day, whether it is percieved as a good or bad situation. EG your car breaks down~ ask HDIGABTT? You receive an unexpected payrise~ ask HDIGABTT?

2. What else is possible? This is a great question to ask when things seem stuck or seem to be going in the opposite way to the way you wanted.

3. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. This is obviously not a question, it is the Access Consciousness Mantra. This is a statement that can be used as an affirmation and repeated each day. It can also be adapted to suit your circumstances EG All of money comes to me... All of business comes to me.... All of romance comes to me....

Finally, a mention of the clearing statement. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys, POVADs and Beyonds®”

This can be shortened to "POD and POC"

This is a brilliant tool to use after asking any of the above questions or whenever you want to change anything. There is a full description available of what this means in this video from Dr Dain Heer. However you dont need to understand it to use it! Just using it will bring changes. An example would be, The car breaks down, you ask, "HDIGABTT?" then say "everything that brings up, POD and POC" (or use the long form if you wish)

What Happens During an Access Bars Session

During the session, you will be lying on a therapy couch or reclining chair. The practitioner will start the energy flowing with a few preliminary positions, touching head, feet and finally hands. Then they will work through the entire list of 32 Bars points, holding several points at a time for best use of the session time. No judgement is made by the practitioner, all points are treated regardless of the desired outcomes from the session. The pressure of the touch can be adjusted to suit the recipient and should feel comfortable. As each Bar is run, the recipient may feel some energy tingles or they may feel nothing~ neither is right or wrong. One thing that may be a surprise to those who are used to receiving therapy treatments such as reiki, is that there is no music playing during the session. This is so that the recipient is not distracted to float away and remains consciously focused on the session. The recipient is also encouraged to share any thoughts and feelings that are coming up as the session progresses. These can then be cleared by repeating the clearing statement aloud ~ following the prompts of the practitioner. The first session may last anything up to 2hours as there is often a lot to clear, imagine clearing out all the drawers and cupboards in all the houses you have ever lived. Having your Bars run is the equivelant of doing this, or in more modern terms, it's like clearing all the outdated stuff, cookies, downloads etc from your computers hard drive.

The benefits of having your Bars run can be endless~

Anything is possible! Every session could feel different for you and will be different for each person who has their Bars run.

Session outcomes often include: greater peace, calm mind, more clarity, greater relaxation, de stressing, reduction in anxiety, de cluttering the mind, and so on.

In the words of the founder, Gary Douglas,

The worst thing that can happen during a Bars treatment is you have a very relaxing head massage and the best that can happen? Your life changes!"

Ultimately, the best way to discover the benefits of Access Bars is to have your Bars run.

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